Moly-Kote Dry Moly (Case of 12)

Provides a Non-Corrosive, Non-Conductive, Waterproof lubricating protective coating, which prevents corrosion and surface friction wear. Formulated with micron-sized particles of Molybdenum Disulfide, which burnish themselves into metal surfaces to provide a bonded lubricating film. Effective in extreme operating conditions, including a temperature range from -110°F to +1050°F, and a maximum pressure resistance of 100,000 psi. Protective coating is completely dry, thus is ideally suited for areas in which ambient dirt or contaminants would destroy oil or grease. Coating is inert to water, oil, alkalis, and many acids. Meets or exceeds requirements outlined in Military Specification, (MIL-A-907D), for Anti-seize compounds. Adheres to Metals, Rubber, Glass and most plastics.

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